Privacy Policy

Cockbender respects and protects the privacy of visitors and the privacy of customers who buy from us. Any visitor who comes to our site stays anonymous, we gather no personal information or any other identifiable information. Customers, who buy from us, provide us personal information that is only used to support and enhance your customer relationship with Cockbender. Unless indicted otherwise, we wont share any personal information with anyone but us.

Information about Visitors

If you visit our website, our web server collects some basic user information. That includes your IP Address, browser type, locally configured language and PC locale and the pages you visit on our website.

We also use cookies, that are stored on your computer containing little pieces of information about your preferences on our website. This allows our web application services to suit your next visit to your liking.

Information about Members

If you visit our site and you choose to log in, we will save additional information about you including your e-mail address, nickname and password you use.By providing us information by using our Address book, we will collect your billing and shipping address, as well your phone number. By choosing to contact us with our ticket system, we collect your e-mail address and all contents you choose to send us.

Visitors from advertisments

If you visit us by clicking on a Cockbender advertisement, we collect information about you concerning from what website you came, what advertisement you clicked and how many different ads you might have seen before you clicked on ours.

Information about Purchasing on our website

If you purchase on our website, our server will collect more information from you including the product you choose to purchase, order history and history of payment transactions.

We do not store any financial information on our servers. Never.

Who do we share data with?

Payment providers

We share your email address, name, shipping and billing address, financial information, total value and order number. Please be assured that no financial information about you are saved by ourselfs.

Shipping companies

We share your name, shipping address, order number, the value f your order and for orders placed outside of the EU the contents of your order. This is necessary so we can deliver your order to you and also keep track of it.

Disclosing your information

We may disclose account and personal information to others if:

— It becomes necessary to cooperate with any legal process

— It becomes necessary to provide information to a law enforcement agency

— It becomes necessary to protect the interests of Cockbender

— It becomes necessary to provide services to customers

What do we do with all this data collected?

We save information to optimize our website and services as well to make things easier or more enjoyable for you. Also, we collect data for our own statistics, to see if things go right or not or what to improve and what to remove/change and enhance.

Cockbender reserves the right to send/share or use the information collected directly relevant to you and/or Cockbender at our full discretion.