About us
We provide our customers with what they deserve

We are a working team between the beautiful countries Austria and Hungary who were friends long before the birth of Cockbender. For years we worked for companies that were not interested in improvements on their products, always doing the same without the chance of change or other thoughts about their line of goods. After years of spiritual suppression, we grew tired of them and decided to take our future in our own hands. This was the birth of Cockbender.

We were interested in many Fandoms and also visited their Conventions. On those Cons, we noticed a lack of certain “toys”. So we thought to our self why not bring your fantasies into your bedroom so you don’t have to rely on drawn images exclusively. And with that in mind, we created Cockbender. This is what we want to achieve, to bring your fantasies into reality.

After we assured ourselves that this is what we wanted to do, we looked many sites up that were already selling toys like those in our minds. We were shocked. Many sites, like 90%, were selling toys that had no artistic touch or anything else that justified their high pricing. Also, the most important part, these toys were made of hazardous materials that could damage your body.

After seeing that, we ended our research phase with a solution to mold our toys with medical silicone, Platinum­Cure Silicone to be precise. Just after a short time developing our mold techniques, we were able to start our campaign and opening our shop.