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Cockbenders goal is to realize the dreams of our customers!

Because of that, we’re to this date the only adult toy company that produces literally just what the customer wants, discrete and fair! Sex toys, figures or high quality artwork, your ideas become real. Skepticism wins? Consider a look in our gallery and see for yourself what our 3D department can do for you! Our artists and modelers are always up for a challenge! Their work is unmatched by anyone else in this business!

Come & make your dreams and ideas real with Cockbender! Create your very own individual love toy the way you want it to be! No creative borders, only what you want it to be!

All that in just three simple steps:


  1. Contact us! Fill the form and tell us what it should look like. Got concept art? Attach it to the form! Sketches, concept art, screenshot or a 3D file – everything is helpful to create your toy. It will save time and money!
  2. The second our artists finished the basemodel, we’ll write you with screenshots of the model and wait for your approval. If you want to change something, let us know!
  3. After you approved the model and you’re happy with the outcome, you get to tell us how you want the skin and in what firmness your toy should have. Here, you have to pay a security fee before we begin to mold your toy.
  4. Before we send the toy out, you’ll get a high quality picture of your toy. If you are happy and approve of it, we’ll charge the remaining costs and your toy will be shipped!
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